Modern Words You’ll Love to Use

I’m definitely adding a bunch of these words to my Lexicon! This humorous blog via  features new words that work perfectly with our complicated,…
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Sex Down South 2018 | Atlanta, Georgia | Lexi Sylver

Sex Down South Conference 2018 in Atlanta: REBEL!

Lexi Sylver here, reporting live from the downtown Hilton in Atlanta, Georgia! This weekend, the Sex Down South Conference 2018 will be my sexy playground.…
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BDSM Sex Toys Cabinet | The Upper Floor | BDSM studios tour | San Francisco Armory | Lexi Sylver

Inside the BDSM Porn Studios: Throwback Thursday

[Update August 2018: In 2017, began to cease productions in the building, moving their studios elsewhere. In January 2018, sold the San Francisco…
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Win A Basket Full of Sex Toys! Here’s how.

Tonight, I’ll be joining the rest of The Sexual Health Network of Quebec to raise funds for Sexual Education in Montreal high schools, for a Comedy Night…
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Sex Position: The Turkey Baster

Happy Thanksgiving, fellow Canadian perverts! Dig into this juicy Thanksgiving-inspired sex position, The Turkey Baster. What it is: a rear-view move that will make her rump…
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Semen: Part Of A Nutritious Diet?

Welcome back, fellow cum guzzlers, jizz swallowers and splooge swallowers-to-be, At some point in our lives, we’ve wondered what it means to swallow man-juice. What’s…
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Wordy Wednesday | Lexi Sylver | Story of O Erotic Quote | Pauline Reage

Erotic Quote From The Story of O

Welcome back, sexy fiends. The first erotic book I ever read was The Story of O.  I was 12 at the time, a very curious…
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Henry Miller Quote Reincarnation | Lexi Sylver | Erotic Quotes

Erotic Quote by Henry Miller

Welcome back, sexy fiends. Here’s an erotic quote I greatly enjoy, from renowned author Henry Miller: “Sex is one of the nine reasons for reincarnation.…
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Steak & Blow Job Day | March 14 | Lexi Sylver

Happy Steak & Blow Job Day!

Steak & blow jobs… Just 2 more reasons why I can never be a vegetarian. If you’re also a fellow meat lover, you’ll appreciate this day, the holiest…
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Woman on top of man | black white photography | Lexi Sylver

Position of the Week: The Sneaky Sidereel

Welcome back, sexy readers. Just in time for the 2015 Oscars, here is my latest Sex Position of the Week: The Sneaky Sidereel. What it is: A…
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