Anais Nin Best Erotic Quote | Wordy Wednesday | Wednesday Wisdom | Lexi Sylver

Erotic Quote: Anaïs Nin on Sexual Power

Ready for some erotic wisdom this Wordy Wednesday? Here’s one of my favorite quotes from Anaïs Nin… “The source of sexual power is curiosity, passion.”…
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Jane Fonda Sex Quote | Erotic Quote | Prime Time | Lexi Sylver | Wordy Wednesday | Peter Basch Photography

Sex Advice From Jane Fonda

Happy Hump Day, sexy readers! Jane Fonda is one sexy & smart woman, one who has learned a lot about relationship over the years.  This quote from her book…
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Matt Groening | Sinfulness of Sex Quote | The Simpsons | Futurama | Lexi Sylver | Wordy Wednesday | Erotic Quotes

Matt Groening on the Sinfulness of Sex: Erotic Quote

Let the #WordyWednesday games continue! Anyone who knows me is aware of my eternal love for The Simpsons and Futurama.  Which also means I also adore…
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Erotic Russell Brand Quote – #WordyWednesday

Usually I admire Russell Brand’s genius when he’s intelligently pointing out what’s really wrong with the world and telling it like it is.  His logic is…
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William Shakespeare Quote | Venus and Adonis Poem | Lexi Sylver | Wordy Wednesday

Erotic Quote From Shakespeare

Well hello there, sexy fiends & literary lovers. Since high school, I have loved the works of William Shakespeare.  I enjoy the double entendres and sexual…
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Hunter S Thompson sex quote | Lexi Sylver | Erotic Quotes | WordyWednesday

Erotic Quote from Hunter S. Thompson

Welcome back, sexy fiends & friends. I have always loved the inventor of Gonzo journalism, a wonderfully eccentric literary genius: writer Hunter S. Thompson.  You may remember him as the…
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Henry Miller Quote Reincarnation | Lexi Sylver | Erotic Quotes

Erotic Quote by Henry Miller

Welcome back, sexy fiends. Here’s an erotic quote I greatly enjoy, from renowned author Henry Miller: “Sex is one of the nine reasons for reincarnation.…
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Erotic Quote from the Marquis de Sade

Welcome back, sexy readers. Today’s #WordyWednesday is from one of my favorite prolific authors. You may have heard of him. “‘Sex’ is as important as eating…
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Sexy Quote by Woody Allen

To my fellow wordy pervs, I’ve always enjoyed this Woody Allen quote and want to share it with all of you who are reading it…
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