Sex Position Downward Dog | Lexi Sylver

Sex Position: The Submissive Siren

Welcome back to my playground, fellow pervs. I know you Lexual people are always looking for new ways to experience pleasure with your partners. If…
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Masturbation Monday | Lexi Sylver

Privacy, Please! It’s Masturbation Monday

Welcome back, pervs! Getting back into the groove after the weekend is always hard… That’s why you’ve earned yourself a masturbation break! Not that any…
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How to Sext Like a Pro | Sexting 101 | Lexi Sylver

Sexting For Newbies: How To Melt Your Lover’s Phone

Welcome to my playground, experienced sexters and virgins alike! (Oh, how I love de-virginizing virgins!!!) Nothing keeps the fire burning in my pants like a…
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sexual-positions-for-masturbation-sexual-humor | Lexi Sylver

Tantric Tuesday: Solo Sex Positions

Welcome back to my playground. Feeling tantric this lovely Tuesday after a hedonistic long weekend? Are you flying solo tonight with no partner to satisfy…
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Sex in the Shower Dual Locking Suction Handle by Sportsheets

Sex Toy Review: Sex In The Shower Dual Locking Suction Handle by Sportsheets

If you like to get down and dirty while you clean up in the shower, you NEED to try this Sex In The Shower Dual…
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Sex Positions for Different Penis Sizes

Sex Positions For Different Penis Sizes

Welcome back, sexy readers. Here are some tips from Lelo on finding the best sex positions for penises of any size.   (See sex toys from…
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Woman on top of man | black white photography | Lexi Sylver

Position of the Week: The Sneaky Sidereel

Welcome back, sexy readers. Just in time for the 2015 Oscars, here is my latest Sex Position of the Week: The Sneaky Sidereel. What it is: A…
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The Art of Eating Pussy: Part 3

Get a lesbian perspective of how to work any pussy to a deliciously juicy orgasm. Click here or on the image below to read Part…
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The Art of Eating Pussy: Part 2

These much-awaited, juicy tips and techniques will make you the Viking of Vag, the Sultan of Slit… you get the picture. Click here or on…
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The Art of Eating Pussy: Part 1

Time for some juicy advice from my friend Pierce, who’s compiled some tips on why it’s so important to master eating pussy. In Part 1…
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