Masturbation Monday | Lexi Sylver

Privacy, Please! It’s Masturbation Monday

Welcome back, pervs! Getting back into the groove after the weekend is always hard… That’s why you’ve earned yourself a masturbation break! Not that any…
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sexual-positions-for-masturbation-sexual-humor | Lexi Sylver

Tantric Tuesday: Solo Sex Positions

Welcome back to my playground. Feeling tantric this lovely Tuesday after a hedonistic long weekend? Are you flying solo tonight with no partner to satisfy…
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Womanizer Premium Sex Toy | Lexi Sylver on Instagram

#MondayMasturbation: The NEW Womanizer Premium

Welcome back to my playground, perverts. Just thought I’d keep all you sexy folks up to date with my comings and goings. Today was a…
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Do Not Disturb: #MondayMasturbation In Progress

It’s the last Monday before the end of May, bringing National Masturbation Month to a grand finale. Get frisky with yourself tonight to celebrate! Β For…
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Go Fuck Yourself! It’s National Masturbation Month!

That’s right. It’s the perfect time of year, and a great context to be able to say “go fuck yourself” in an amazingly positive and…
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Man Gets Fork Stuck in Penis After Auto-Erotic Act

Yet again, the world of perversions amuses me, and now I will laugh and share some weird sex-related news. A 70-year-old Australian man just completely…
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Top 10 Euphemisms for Female Masturbation

Welcome back to my playground, perverts and herverts. It’s time for another one of my Top 10 Lists. Here I’ve updated a previous list of…
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Position of the Week: Crouching Tigress

Hi all… have a sexy evening, & be sure to stop by Wednesday for my latest erotic short story!Β  Read this on my website or…
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