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Saturday, 22nd September, 2018
L'Orage Club Montreal Foam Party | Lexi Sylver

This Saturday: Join me at SDC’s 5 à Sex at l’Orage Club + Foam Party!

Are you ready to get Lexual this weekend?!

Come find me this Saturday night at SDC’s 5 à Sex at L’Orage Club in Montreal!

At my first EVER 5 à Sex many, many moons ago as a “newbie“, I was pleasantly overwhelmed by how many incredible and open-minded people I met in one night.

It was also my first time at l’Orage Club – a wondrously sexy place I had always dreamed about but never knew existed in Montreal.

I walked into the club alone, tingling with nervousness and anticipation, not knowing what to expect.

SDC 5 a Sex at l'Orage Club Montreal | Lexi Sylver

I had been invited to the 5 à Sex by a good friend of mine at SDC, to whom I had confessed my hunger to explore the erotic dating lifestyle.

I saw this friend of mine immediately when I walked in, and he instantly made me feel at ease. I could feel myself unwind as he introduced me to dozens of beautiful, smiling people, who were so eager to accept me into the community. And everyone was so respectful!

Intrigued about their relationships and personal interests, I asked everyone a million questions, trying to understand more about what had drawn everyone into the lifestyle.

Although they were a diverse bunch, with different careers, ages, backgrounds, and sexual interests, they all had one thing in common: their desire to connect with and explore with others who shared their open-mindedness.

I would have thought for sure – as I since have heard many “newbies” say – that being at a swingers club (versus a “regular” nightclub), one might expect to be touched and groped incessantly by sex fiends who were trying to grope them.

But never have I felt so respected! Everyone asked permission before touching me, even if it was just another woman wanting to squeeze my ass playfully. Consent was of the utmost importance. I was almost shocked by how the concepts of respect and consent were universally practiced by all the patrons, where they do not seem to be so easily understood elsewhere in society.

Truly, for me, this was a shining example of the respectful way others should be treated, and a wonderful indication that I could truly feel safe in this environment, whether I was exploring as one half of a couple or as a single woman.

And because of this level of comfort and safety I felt with the other patrons, and the fact that there were many members of the l’Orage staff surveying the playroom areas to ensure everyone was behaving in accordance to the club’s rules of respect and consent, that I felt completely liberated.

The goal of SDC‘s 5 à Sex is not just for play! It’s the perfect chance for those who are new to the lifestyle, new to l’Orage Club, or simply curious about what it’s all about, to come and explore at their own leisure, in a safe environment, and ask more experienced patrons about their own experiences.

I’ll be there – so don’t be shy – join us!

Following the 5 à Sex party, l’Orage will be hosting another epic Foam Party (which is also happening Friday night)!!! You’d better believe I’m not going to miss it! And neither should you…

L'Orage Club Montreal Foam Party | Lexi Sylver

See you there!



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BDSM Sex Toys Cabinet | The Upper Floor | BDSM studios tour | San Francisco Armory | Lexi Sylver

Inside the BDSM Porn Studios: Throwback Thursday

[Update August 2018: In 2017, began to cease productions in the building, moving their studios elsewhere. In January 2018, sold the San Francisco Armory for $65 million to SF Armory LLC.]

Have you ever been inside an actual BDSM porn studio?

My first time was this past November, when I visited San Francisco and treated myself to a guided tour of The San Francisco Armory.

Inside's porn studio | San Francisco Armory | Lexi Sylver’s porn studio @ The San Francisco Armory

The San Francisco Armory used to be where the National Guard kept its guns and ammo, and was registered as a historical landmark, meaning that major architectural changes couldn’t be made.  It sat empty from 1976 until 2006, when it was purchased by Peter Acworth, founder of, for a cool $14.6 million.

Today, his BDSM porn studio is the biggest in the world, home to and various of its subsidiary sites, like Electrosluts,, Public Disgrace and other sites with kinky and hardcore BDSM themes.  It’s important to note that all the models, even those who are being tortured or punished, have previously consented to a range of scenarios they would be willing to try.  And the safety and comfort of the models are of utmost importance.

One of the most incredible things about The Armory is the way‘s art team managed to preserve the authentic austerity, darkness and dungeony feel, while revamping inside for the comfort of the models, Like padding some of the floors with rubber, but making them appear to be actual concrete.  Giving the chains (new) and walls an authentic vintage look. Impressive. You’ll see more creativity in the rest of the photos.

Our tour began in the basement, where lots of different themed rooms used for their shoots.  There was actually a live shoot going on at the time, a men-only performance of Naked Combat, which is an unscripted, sexy version of Fight Club.  If they win, competitors get a sexy bonus – they get to fuck the loser (but is it really losing?). They get points whenever they do something dominant, like undressing the opposition, pinning them down, shoving a finger in their ass, etc.

Among the rooms/sets we saw were a meat locker (with meat hooks dangling from the ceiling), apartment setup, padded cell (with a two-way mirror and another room attached to see what’s happening), a medical/surgical suite and these:

Bar Scene | Porn Studio | tour | San Francisco Armory | Lexi Sylver
Bar Scene | studios tour | San Francisco Armory

Bar scene with secret entrance (Prohibition style), constructed for their Public Disgrace series.

Training of O set | studios tour | San Francisco Armory
Training of O set | studios tour | San Francisco Armory

Training of O dungeon, for the series involving the training of slaves and submissives.

The Basement | studios tour | San Francisco Armory | Lexi Sylver
The Basement | studios tour | San Francisco Armory

The real basement of the Armory… not much set work required to make this place look so authentic.

My favorite part of the tour was The Upper Floor.

The Upper Floor | studios tour | San Francisco Armory | Lexi Sylver
The Upper Floor | studios tour | San Francisco Armory

The Upper Floor is like something out of a Lexi Sylver story, no kidding. With plush furnishings and vintage class, this floor is reserved for only the elite, and a select few from‘s private member’s club are invited to attend these erotic parties.  Models act out master-servant fantasies, and the whole thing is livestreamed, letting their other members around the world chat and participate with other fans. This means, if I’m watching and I’m really loving a scene in the corner where someone is getting the life spanked out of them, I can chat online and ask the cameraman to pay a bit more attention there, and offer some ideas for things they would like to see.  It’s very sexy and original, and I am more than a little obsessed with the cabinet of toys I saw when I first walked into that luxurious room.

BDSM Sex Toys Cabinet | The Upper Floor | BDSM studios tour | San Francisco Armory | Lexi Sylver
BDSM Sex Toys Cabinet | The Upper Floor | BDSM studios tour | San Francisco Armory

Have you ever been to The San Francisco Armory? Tell me about your experience in the comments below, on Facebook or Twitter.


Extra Sources:
Images of Armory facade and Training of O dungeon via Vice
Tickets for The Armory tour

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Erotic Quote on Temptation by Oscar Wilde | Lexi Sylver | Wordy Wednesday

Word Porn: Erotic Quote on Temptation from Oscar Wilde

Happy #WordyWednesday, Lexual people.

Here’s your dose of Word Porn for today, from the beautiful mind of Oscar Wilde:

Erotic Quote on Temptation by Oscar Wilde | Lexi Sylver | Wordy Wednesday

“The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it.

Resist it, and your soul grows sick with longing for the things it has forbidden to itself, with desire for what its monstrous laws have made monstrous and unlawful.”

Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray (1890)

Ah, temptation, my old friend.

Temptation is simply “the desire to do something, especially something wrong or unwise.” (Thanks, Oxford dictionary.)

We encounter temptation every day of our lives, in one way or another, sexually or otherwise.

Whenever external forces, such as society, the law, our workplace, religion, the boundaries of our interpersonal relationships, etc., tell us we’re not allowed or supposed to do something, it makes us want to do it ALL the more.

I’m a notorious boundary-pusher. If it’s verboten, my desire to experience the thrill of defiance becomes nearly overpowering.

But none of us are fully guided by our “ids”, in the Freudian sense, and our sexuality does not solely dictate our behavior. We can’t just give in to everything we want all the time. Society would cease to function completely if we continually succumbed to our every desire. It would be total chaos.

Is it not natural for all of us to feel some measure of temptation and longing, as a reminder that there is a need we have that has not been met, an experience we have not yet lived, or an imbalance in our lives somewhere that we are striving to resolve?

Are we not gluttons, in that we seem to always want more variety, more novelty, more time, more, more, more?

Do you believe that when we indulge in our temptation, we can get rid of it?

Or does such an indulgence only serve to intensify our craving for that forbidden fruit, rather than alleviate our hunger?

Is it possible to safely achieve a feeling of fulfillment with minimal consequence to our actions, without feeling that we’re being controlled by the overwhelming desire to succumb to our temptations?

A little bit of critical thinking for you.

What do you think of Oscar Wilde’s quote?

Share your sexy thoughts with me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, where you’ll also get more Lexual news and erotic quotes.

See you soon,



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Womanizer Premium Sex Toy | Lexi Sylver on Instagram

#MondayMasturbation: The NEW Womanizer Premium

Welcome back to my playground, perverts.

Just thought I’d keep all you sexy folks up to date with my comings and goings.

Today was a rough day at the office, what with having to sexperiment with a new sex toy from Womanizer – just because I love my friends Carol and David from The Sexy Lifestyle.

At a fruitful business meeting we had last week, Carol and David asked me to put the Womanizer Premium to the test, and will soon be hosting my review on their radio show, The Sexy Lifestyle, on soon, at which point I’ll tell them all about my sexperiences with this pleasure device.

So I spent a bit of quality time with the Womanizer. Went through the motions, tried all the features and settings. Really made her work for me. You know, sex toy product testing is a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it, right?

I never realized how much willpower I truly possess, because after only 15 minutes with the Womanizer Premium and several surprisingly quick orgasms later, I was still feeling incredibly feisty and wanted to continue playing…


But I had much more pressing work to do today, like getting a new erotic short story ready for you all to indulge in soon, and prepping for a big and exciting announcement about Lexi Sylver – which I’ll be making within the next few weeks!!!

So, as I am a female entrepreneur in charge of my own destiny, I had NO CHOICE but to turn off the Womanizer (quite grudgingly) and add my (SPOILER ALERT!) new favorite pleasure device to one of my big box o’ sex toys in my closet.

To say that I’m a sex toy enthusiast is truly the understatement of the year. My kink closet is teeming with vibrators and dildos and miscellaneous sex gadgets, to say nothing of my lingerie collection. These things do tend to accumulate quickly for a naughty little kinkster like myself. Especially since I do personally test out each of the products available in my Lexi Sylver shop, for quality control purposes, of course. That’s right – the Womanizer Premium will soon be available for sale on my site!

That’s okay, though. The problem will surely be solved when I eventually move into a bigger place and expand my closet space. Clearly, that’s the most logical solution here.

All this is just a little bit of a tease for you as you await the full review of the Womanizer Premium, and much more news coming really, really soon.

Until then… just keep waiting.

And check me out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more saucy tidbits.

Impatiently yours,


P.S. My reward for a hard day’s work will be taking out the Womanizer again and indulging in a few more orgasms before I slip into naughty dreamland…

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Lexi Sylver with L'Orage Club and SDC at Cap d'Agde 2018 | SDC Wedding Ceremony Night

Lexi Sylver Does Cap d’Agde 2018: Teaser

Welcome back to my playground, Lexual people.

I recently returned from one of the best trips of my life, so naturally, I needed to share some of the Lexcellent news with all of you.

Along with a few of my favorite perverts – er, friends – from l’Orage Club in Montreal, we headed to the paradise that was Cap d’Agde, embarking on an adventure of sextravagant proportions at the SDC Takeover of Cap.

And, as tends to happen when in my troublemaking company, mischief ensued.

Lexi Sylver with L'Orage Club and SDC at Cap d'Agde 2018 | SDC Wedding Ceremony Night
Lexi Sylver with L’Orage Club and SDC at Cap d’Agde 2018 | SDC Wedding Ceremony Night

Cap d’Agde is a nudist village in the south of France, complete with a nude beach (including a kinky area at the far end of the beach for us erotic curiosos and voyeurs!).

It was totally surreal to see people walking around the streets of Cap naked, shopping in boutiques and eating at restaurants fully nude or wearing only the slightest shreds of clothing.

The most exceptional element of being in Cap d’Agde – for me, at least —  is the feeling of total liberation that I experienced. With everyone around me unclothed, of all ages, shapes, and sizes, I quickly shed any lingering sentiments of insecurity – and it began to feel incredibly normal to be in my natural, nude state.

SO normal, in fact, that ever since we left Cap d’Agde, it actually feels abnormal to wear clothing.

We stayed at Le Jardin d’Eden during the SDC takeover (which also included the resort at Le Jardin de Babylone), and indulged in the splendor of our environs, as well as the spectacular view created by all the nude guests.

Sex and erotic play are encouraged virtually everywhere at Eden and Babylone – an openness that is characteristically European in flavor, which only amplified the spirit of sexual liberation shared among all the guests.

The legendary pink pools at Le Jardin d'Eden in Cap d'Agde, France | SDC Takeover 2018 | Lexi Sylver
The legendary naked pink pools at Le Jardin d’Eden in Cap d’Agde, France | SDC Takeover 2018

While there was certainly an abundance of riches of the flesh, my sapiosexual self was equally intrigued to meet all the fascinating, open-minded couples who had traveled there from around the world, all coming together in this safe space where they could explore themselves and their relationship – without judgement.

It was a nonstop party, with five days and five nights of frisky festivities. We all ate and drank together, partied and danced together at each of the theme nights (flawlessly executed by the SDC team, as per usual), entertained each other and ourselves with a multitude of erotic activities, and explored the restaurants, bars, clubs, and boutiques that Cap has to offer.

There are far too many highlights of my unforgettable trip to recount in this single blog, but I promise to share some erotic stories of the debauchery very, very soon…

For now, just check out some of the fun on my Facebook page!

Stay Lexual,



P.S. Click here for more info about upcoming SDC travel events – with the Caribbean Cruise coming up in December 2018! See you there…

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Sex in the Shower Dual Locking Suction Handle by Sportsheets

Sex Toy Review: Sex In The Shower Dual Locking Suction Handle by Sportsheets

If you like to get down and dirty while you clean up in the shower, you NEED to try this Sex In The Shower Dual Locking Suction Handle by Sportsheets.

Sex in the Shower Dual Locking Suction Handle by Sportsheets

I wanted to try it out to kink things up in the shower and to get some leverage when I’m getting fucked by my partner and I’m ALL slippery.

Sex in the Shower Dual Locking Suction Handle by Sportsheets
The handle is very easy to use and install on the shower wall.  Shockingly, the dual suction cups of this handle are exceptionally sturdy and didn’t move when I was really getting reamed and holding on to the handle tightly.

Even in the steamy heat of the shower and the slipperiness of the soap and moisture on the shower wall, the suction remained! I couldn’t believe it.  I was easily able to grip on while we had sex in various positions – especially my faves, standing doggy style with me facing the wall, with my back against the wall, half lifted in midair.

Toko Silicone Based Lubricant by Shunga
Toko Silicone Based Lubricant by Shunga

PS – I used Shunga Silicone lube – which is waterproof, by the way – which made sex in the shower good and slippery throughout our session, without screwing with my natural lubrication.

I think next time, I want to try a second suction cup handle and use both of them at the same time, one per hand, and see if I can lift myself up totally while I have sex in midair and get really acrobatic about it.  While I’m at it, I’ll also use the Sex in the Shower locking foot rest so I can maneuver myself into multiple positions (like having one of my legs up and semi-crouched down while facing the wall) and get even deeper penetration.

I definitely recommend the Sex In The Shower suction handle!  It will make a great gift for your partner to spice things up out of the bedroom!

Sex in the Shower Dual Locking Suction Handle by Sportsheets

Get yours in my online shop at – among other goodies you and your partner(s) will love!

Have you used this toy before? Share your comments with me below.



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Win A Basket Full of Sex Toys! Here’s how.

Tonight, I’ll be joining the rest of The Sexual Health Network of Quebec to raise funds for Sexual Education in Montreal high schools, for a Comedy Night at the Comedy Nest in downtown Montreal!

Here’s who’s taking the stage:

Brian McKim (The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, editor of hugely popular comedy website, Traci Skene (NBC’s Last Comic Standing, regular contributor to US Weekly’s Fashion Police), PLUS SPECIAL GUEST Neil Janna (Just For Laughs)!

I’ll be sponsoring a gift basket FULL OF SEX TOYS for our raffle – with all raffle and ticket proceeds going to Sex Ed!


The goodies inside include: Sex & Mischief Intro to S&M KitSportsheets 5-Piece Hog Tie Kit, and Sex & Mischief Riding Crop – among other naughty treats available at!

Only a few tickets to our event remain!

Get yours at $15 each or 2 for $25! E-mail us at or to reserve your tickets now!

See you sexy folks there!



Comedy for a Cause

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Thanks for being a perv! Happy F*cksgiving!

My fellow Lexual fiends,

This Thanksgiving, I’d like to thank you all for being wonderfully, delectably perverted.

I love all of your dirty minds and your filthy mouths.


Thanks for being YOU, uncompromisingly you.

Happy Fucksgiving!  (Yeah, I went there.  Just admit it, you were already thinking it.)

Enjoy your feast and enjoy ALL the stuffing! *wink* *wink*

Yours Lexually,



Thanksgiving Photo: Lucy Pinder in a Lynx advertisement, 2011

Lexi Sylver Black Friday Sale 2016

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Lexi Sylver Black Friday Sale 2016

Early Access: Black Friday Sale on!

Thanksgiving came early… and so can you!

Screw the Black Friday crowds and line-ups and mayhem.

Get Free Shipping* when you get some naughty holiday gifts at – treat yourself or indulge your partner’s fantasies!

Lexi Sylver Black Friday Sale 2016

Get hedonistic and explore your Lexuality in my playground.

Click here to claim Free Shipping on vibrators, masturbators, fetish items, lingerie, novelties and more goodies, just for your pleasure!

See you there, you sexy fiend, you.



Lexi Sylver Black Friday Sale

*Sale details: Valid through 11:59pm PST November 28 2016. TO REDEEM: Add qualifying items totaling $69 or more to your shopping bag. Shipping & handling, taxes, and gift cards do not qualify towards the minimum purchase. Shipping & handling charges will automatically be deducted for eligible orders – no promo code necessary. EXCLUSIONS: Not valid on previous purchases. Cannot be combined with any other shipping offers or offers that provide discounts on your entire order. Limit 1 per customer. ADDITIONAL INFO: Valid for free standard shipping & handling anywhere in the United States and Canada only. Offer subject to full or partial adjustment due to returns, cancellations and exchanges.

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“Sex is as important as eating or drinking…” #WordyWednesday

Mmmm!  Here’s some food for thought from the Marquis de Sade…


“Sex is as important as eating or drinking and we ought to allow the one appetite to be satisfied with as little restraint or false modesty as the other.”

Share your favorite erotic quote with me.

Comment below or find me on Facebook & Twitter.

Get some tasty treats at my shop!




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