Modern Words You’ll Love to Use

I’m definitely adding a bunch of these words to my Lexicon! This humorous blog via  features new words that work perfectly with our complicated,…
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Masturbation Monday | Lexi Sylver

Privacy, Please! It’s Masturbation Monday

Welcome back, pervs! Getting back into the groove after the weekend is always hard… That’s why you’ve earned yourself a masturbation break! Not that any…
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sexual-positions-for-masturbation-sexual-humor | Lexi Sylver

Tantric Tuesday: Solo Sex Positions

Welcome back to my playground. Feeling tantric this lovely Tuesday after a hedonistic long weekend? Are you flying solo tonight with no partner to satisfy…
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BDSM Sex Toys Cabinet | The Upper Floor | BDSM studios tour | San Francisco Armory | Lexi Sylver

Inside the BDSM Porn Studios: Throwback Thursday

[Update August 2018: In 2017, began to cease productions in the building, moving their studios elsewhere. In January 2018, sold the San Francisco…
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Womanizer Premium Sex Toy | Lexi Sylver on Instagram

#MondayMasturbation: The NEW Womanizer Premium

Welcome back to my playground, perverts. Just thought I’d keep all you sexy folks up to date with my comings and goings. Today was a…
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Amy Schumer cover GQ magazine July August 2015 Princess Leia Star Wars

Amy Schumer Dresses Like Princess Leia For New GQ Cover

Amy Schumer, someone I already adore for her brazen confidence and incessant wit, has now done one of the most epic photo shoots for GQ…
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Semen: Part Of A Nutritious Diet?

Welcome back, fellow cum guzzlers, jizz swallowers and splooge swallowers-to-be, At some point in our lives, we’ve wondered what it means to swallow man-juice. What’s…
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Sexy woman with typewriter | Lexi Sylver

Lexi Sylver’s Erotic Writing Workshop: Coming Soon!

Bring your fantasies to life in an erotic story! Write great erotic literature with helpful tips and advice from an experienced erotic writer! (Yes, I’m talking about…
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Lexi Sylver Website Review | | Erotic Short Stories

Lexi Sylver Website Review on

Welcome back, sexy people. The naughty folks at reviewed my website,, and posted up an excerpt to my erotic short story, Any Vixen Sunday.…
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Jane Fonda Sex Quote | Erotic Quote | Prime Time | Lexi Sylver | Wordy Wednesday | Peter Basch Photography

Sex Advice From Jane Fonda

Happy Hump Day, sexy readers! Jane Fonda is one sexy & smart woman, one who has learned a lot about relationship over the years.  This quote from her book…
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